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At Design Force we work with some amazing clients.

Stonewater one of the UK's leading housing associations asked us to help them as they started out on their digital transformation journey.

The brief was to create an interactive game to be played with over 650 colleagues at their colleague conference.


Recognising the value of great people Stonewater Values Awards Video Book

The Brief

Design Force were asked by Stonewater to help provide an innovative way to recognise colleagues who had been nominated for one the organisations Value Awards.

The awards celebrate the amazing things colleagues do every day across the organisation.

200 nominations were received and the winners were announced at the organisations colleague conference.

Stonewater wanted to present an extra surprise gift to the winners at a special GOLDEN TICKET evening they attended following the conference.



Can playing games make a difference to workplace culture?

Here is a quick question 

Have you ever played games at work?
No, I am not talking about playing a sneaky game of candy crush on your phone whilst no one is looking.

I am talking about playing a game that has a purpose and meaning for both colleagues and your organisation.

Could organisational gameplay be the key to a more engaged workforce, more effective team, and higher productivity?




What Is Design | The Concept of Collaboration

When you think of well known designers, you are aware of their individual projects and their most successful work. You also think of the studios they have worked in. One thing that can easily be overlooked, in design and in design studios, is the benefit and the positive effect of collaboration.

What Is Design | The Concept of Collaboration



Case Study | KB Packaging: Sharing the Load

Midlands-based packaging company KB Packaging was approaching its 30th Anniversary. The board realised that in order to achieve their commercial and personal ambitions, something had to change.

Design Force: Case Study | KB Packaging: Sharing the Load


Brand-Driven Change

Any agency worth its salt will make it clear that your brand is more than your logo: it’s your values, what you stand for, the experience that your customers have at every touch point.

Design Force Associates |  Brand-Driven Change

TPAS shortlist success for Community Gateway Assoc...

TPAS shortlist success for Community Gateway Association and Design Force

We are thrilled to announce that Gateway’s 2013-14 Annual Report has made the official 2015 TPAS shortlist for the Excellence in Annual Reports award.


The creative brief – 5 simple steps

A creative brief is one of the key things we like to get to right here at Design Force. Personally, we like to scope this process out with you...getting a feel for your role, your organisation whilst asking questions that really get under the skin of what it is you’re trying to achieve.

Often we see communications that isn’t considered or fit for purpose. That’s a real shame in our eyes as marketing budgets need to work harder than ever these days. We get that!


What Is Design | The Power of Linkedin

"Design is not just what is looks and feels like. Design is how it works." Steve Jobs once said this, in relation to Apple product, and he was right. He still is right. As a designer, you can quickly get caught up in how something looks, whether you're happy with the design you've settled on for a client, but it is a whole other job to actually design something that changes people's lives.

What Is Design | The Power of Linkedin - Steve Jobs Quote

Case Study | The Royal School Wolverhampton: Looking To The Future

The Royal School Wolverhampton took the decision to secure the future of the school by intending to make the transition from an independent school to a Free School under the Government Academy expansion plan. As it negotiated the application to become a Free School it had to communicate the changes to its audiences. This comprised students, staff, parents, old Royals, stakeholders and the local community.